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Please note: the Regional Affiliate Championships and the OKRHA Year End Awards are separate standings! See conditions and eligibility below for each.

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OKRHA Buckle Series

Due to overwhelming response, OKRHA’s  Buckle Series returns for its Tulsa show.  Entries in the designated classes will all have a chance for a Tres Rios original buckle for the high point for in designated classes for the weekend. In addition to High Point champion and Reserve High Point champion, 3rd & 4th place will receive awards! 

Rules: must show both slates, same horse-rider combo, must designate trainer/coach on entry form when you enter, must be current OKRHA member in good standing before the start of the class. 

Great BucklesGreat Buckles for Year-End Champions!
OKRHA gives great prizes for Year End Awards. Don’t miss out--you can still win this year!

Current OKRHA Year End Award Point Standings


Year End Award Conditions of Eligibility

OKRHA members must have paid any balance due the Oklahoma Reining Horse Association 30 days after the conclusion of each event to be eligible to win year end awards.  Any rider or owner not paid in full after this deadline will forfeit their winnings in any year end award placing.

OKRHA members need to complete one half day service (i.e. scribe, office, back gate, stall check in, paid warm up timekeeper, announcer, banner hanging, etc) at one of the shows to be eligible for year end awards.  Family members and/or employees (in the case of a trainer’s barn employee completing the work for the trainer) of members can work the segment for the member.

OKRHA members must compete on the same horse for at least one half of the shows in the respective class they are vying for the year end award in.  Some of the classes will be offered 6 times, some will be offered 5 times.  In both cases 3 classes must be exhibited in to be eligible for that class year end award.

Only classes competed in subsequent to payment of OKRHA membership dues will count toward year end awards, or payment before the conclusion of event in which exhibitor competed.

Year End Standings Calculations

OKRHA year-end standings are calculated based on the number of member entries in the class.  The total number of member entries equals the total number of points awarded in each class.  In the case of ties, the placing points are added together and equally distributed to the members who tied.  For example, if there are 12 member entries, the highest scoring member would receive 12 points, the second highest scoring member would receive 11 points, etc.

In the case of zero scores, the available points are added together and equally distributed to the member placings with a zero score.  A ‘No Score’ will not receive points in any class.

Affiliate Championship Series

The top 10 OKRHA Affiliates as of August 15st in each class are eligible for the "South Central Affiliate Finals" in late August/September at the Ariat Show. The Top 8 in each class at the "South Central Affiliate Finals" are invited to compete at the "North American Affiliate Finals" held during the NRHA futurity in Oklahoma City. This is a huge honor. Winners of each class receive a large Morrison Bronze + Cash awards. Except for Rookie & Youth who receive Pewter plus cash. Individuals may be members of separate Affiliates but MUST designate their Main Affiliate by August 1st, & only compete at the Regional Finals in their designated Affiliate.

For all Rules on Affiliate Championships go to NRHA1.com, Programs, Affiliate, North American Championship Conditions.

Affiliate Standings are also listed on the NRHA web site. Be sure to check prior to August 1st to see if you have qualified.

Effective in 2014, members have the option to “Un-Designate” if they know they will be unable to ride at the NAAC show during the Futurity.  For example, the rider would not be able to attend and show at the NAAC; the rider’s horse is injured and not able to show by the time of the NAAC; the rider might possibly be showing in the futurity and cannot show their ancillary class horse, etc. For these and other reasons, if you are in the top 10 of any OKRHA Affliliate class as listed on the NRHA website AND you do not want to compete at the NAAC (if you qualify at the Regional Affliliate Finals) PLEASE submit an Affiliate Un-Designation Form to the NRHA.  This will allow someone below you in the standings to have a chance to go.  Un-Designation forms are available on the NRHA website under Programs, Affiliates.  These forms must be received at NRHA (not postmarked) until 15 days prior to the first day of our Tulsa Reining Classic.

Affiliate Designation Form (NRHA link)

Affilaiate UN-Designation Form (NRHA link)

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